You can avoid the more time-consuming process of having to sand your floors down to the bare wood and refinish by simply applying a fresh coat of finish to your floors. Depending on the amount of traffic, the quality of care, and your personal expectations, floors can be recoated as necessary.

One other advantage of recoating is that you can change the sheen when recoating. For instance, if you have gloss and would like less shine, you can recoat with semi gloss or satin. If you want more shine, you can change to a more preferred shine of semi gloss or gloss.

Recoating is normally a one or two day process that consists of the following steps:

  1. Cleaning thoroughly
  2. Lightly sanding the top coat (for bonding purposes).
  3. Vacuuming fine dust and tack
  4. Applying a coat of finish

(This process has minimal dust.)
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